On Osaki Hachiman Shrine and Rains

56 days left before leaving Sendai.

The Osaki Hachiman shrine was the first tourism spot I visited in Sendai. The first time I went there was during my first two weeks here. I find the shrine itself not too fancy, just an ordinary Shinto shrine with the big red gate called "mon" which distinguishes a Shinto shrine with its only counterpart, the Buddhist shrine.

For a video shooting, today's weather was pretty unfriendly since it was drizzling ever since I woke up. Such a nice weather to spend the day only by sleeping for hours. However, I got to help a friend creating a video and finally decided to go to the shrine after the sun eventually came out.

Later on the day, I spend four hours in a small, nice, air-conditioned karaoke room singing with a senior. A brokenhearted girl sure needs some time singing by herself, trying to forget all the bad memories given by some particular guy, haha. Well, I'm talking about my senior of course. For me, accompanying her doing those self-healing stuffs was not a burden at all, it was pretty fun and I did enjoy myself. 

It was not long until the rain came again at night, leaving all the water traces along the pavements. Lucky enough, I did use my sneakers instead of my flat shoes. But well, Saturday-night downtown was filled with heaps of people and Sendai's towering humidity made me feel like I was steamed; strangely, with some sprinkles of water of some sort. Pretty weird atmosphere, haha.

Osaki Hachiman shrine's gate.  The Danbo somehow looked a bit confused, don't you think?

Aww yeah. Ohisahiburi, Osaki Hachiman shrine :)


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