Rooftop Sunrise

61 days left before leaving Sendai.

I went to the rooftop as early as 04.13 a.m. only to see the magnificent view of the rising sun from the top of the building I have been living in for the last eight months. It is a shame that I don't come to see the view often -- blame me for being nocturnal -- but still, I enjoyed today's sunrise. The fresh morning air and the beautiful orange-ish sky really did make me want to do this more often.

Today --with the slight sleepy effect of sunrise viewing-- was spent nicely and not being wasted by me sleeping all-day-long in the university dorm. The meeting with academic adviser on my independent study research went quite well despite the fact that I haven't been progressing that much. A colleague has almost finalized her final thesis although it feels like it has just been a few weeks when she first started introducing me and my sensei her thesis outline. 

I got a chance to see the dog which usually stays before a window on my way home as well. I will miss him (or is it her?) for sure after I get back home.

Ah time, you've been passing through real fast these days.

Danbo (I might need to give it a name) witnessed its first sunrise.

Me being badly dressed at around 4.30 am.


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