The Special People :)

52 days left before leaving Sendai.

Ah, time passes by so quickly.

I really like how human beings have this sense of affection toward other people. It's not only affections to the people you like as in your lover, but also affections toward your friends, and of course family. I can somehow feel the warmth some certain people give to me whenever I talk with them. And it really feels right and heart-warming. It's amazing how human brain can produce some particular hormones (I guess) which makes you feel comfortable with people.

I of course have quite some number of friends during my stay here. And as usual, you will have those friends whom you only say "hi" to and those other friends whom you can actually talk to and usually are with you all the time. But somehow I feel like there are also some people in the middle. Those people you don't really talk to, but you know that they somehow "clicked" with you and you know for certain that you could be great friends, it's only the time and the situation that do not allow you to do so.

Well, to be honest, I met a few of those people who fell into this third category. I rarely see or talk to them --at least not as often as I do with my good friends here-- yet I can always feel the warmth and the comfort talking with them. It's really a nice feeling :)

A friend once asked me about this matter and said that I might need to do something to extend my friendship with those people. But I think, even though I know that I only have less than two months in Sendai, I would rather leave things as it is. I just want to make things flow naturally. In the future, if I do become good friends with those people then that would be great, otherwise I still have this special, particular affection toward them. Anyway, it's kind of exciting to see what the future will bring you about, right?

Danbo-chan and the groceries :)

Just did my grocery shopping today at one of the most popular supermarket called Seiyu (it's actually Walmart but they changed the name for the Japanese branch)


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