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I got to know you only for a short period of time,
but all the memories I have about you are enough to make me fell deep in love.

The you that I know is the you that I admire.
I like how you dress fabulously well in your suits,
how you write your masterpieces on the blog,
how you made pieces of art on your canvas.

You are perfect, can never be replaced.
Nothing seconds those ridiculously romantic moments we shared:
a little talk over a busy cutting machine,
a walk under the stormy rain,
a nice encounter before we parted ways.

Yet the you that I know is just the you that I want to know.
I honestly don't want to know further about who you really are,
or how you've been,
or whether you still remember me.

I just want to make sure that
you and the memories of you
remain unchanged,
for I realize that some people are meant to be known
just to a certain point,
for us to forever be in love.

Dari Hati yang Terdalam

Terima kasih,
orang-orang yang telah mengingatkan,
bahwa jalan ini masih panjang,
bahwa aku tidak boleh menyerah,
tidak boleh malas,
dan harus tetap berjalan.

Terima kasih,
karena telah menyadarkan.

Terima kasih!


Aku pun teringat akan malam-malam itu,
langkah-langkah cepat,
tanah yang basah,
tetes-tetes air hujan,
dan cahaya rembulan,
di gelapnya malam.

Aku pun teringat akan malam-malam itu,
ketika aku memandang,
adakah kamu di sana?

Ketika satu-satunya petunjukku
adalah nyala lampu kamarmu.

Ketika satu-satunya penenangku
adalah aku
yang terdiam sejenak
dan dalam diam berkata,

"Ya, kamu ada."

Oh hujan.
Lagi-lagi kamu turun
dengan potongan cerita
tentang Ia.


aku ingin
menjadi orang
pandai menulis
tentang cinta
dan harapan.

Welcoming November! Welcoming Thesis!

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
Hello! November is already here, haha. It somehow feels a little bit intimidating. Why? Because my mid-term exams have just finished and probably it's about time for me to try to work on my thesis. I haven't even read a single article on finance lately, but I suppose the reading needs to be undertaken very soon. I'll try to get it done this week, promise!
Anyway, recently I've been so much into this Korean variety show called Running Man. I know, this show is very popular around one or two years ago and I insisted not to watch a single episode back then. But you know, sometimes life gets a little bit boring (what?) or I just need some sort of entertainment to make myself laugh out loud (haha), that's why I started watching Running Man around this year's July. And as you know, it's addictive. Some episodes aren't that funny, but you'll never know when the funny scenes will come out that it makes you very curious to watch ever…

Self Reminder, Self Reflection

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
So I've been thinking about many things and somehow I learned,
that we are created weak, but He wants to lift the burdens of the weak;
that we are full of worries and anxieties, but He wants us to cling our hope only to Him;
that sometimes we go astray, but He wants us to pray to make Him lead us to the straight way;
that we question so many things, we're lost, but He teaches us the Holy Book of guidance;
that whenever we try to reach Him, He will reach to us even further.
I've always been thinking that I am a sinner, that the afterlife for me would be awful.  I get scared so many times thinking about what would happen to me after this worldly life has ended. I get anxious, worried, all the time.
I forgot that You are The Most Forgiving, that to go back to You is never too late, that I can still beg for Your mercy, that I can still find the peace and beauty in this faith I believe in. I forgot to appreciate and be grateful of the life that you've been gi…

Officially 22 :')

Assalamualaikum wr wb.
Alhamdulillah. On the 4th of September this year, I turned 22. I thank Allah for the opportunity to live for 22 years already, and I am truly sorry to Him that I haven't yet become a good servant. I thank my family for being the best family ever. Although there were no birthday surprises nor party nor cake, but I think the fact that they remembered my birthday and the love they've given to me all this time are more than enough. And of course, I thank my friends who showed so much love on the day of my birthday (including birthday cakes, surprises, pictures, greetings, etc). They all just made my day and made me uber-happy! I sincerely want to say thank you and I am so grateful to have friends like you :)
Anyway, now that I got pretty old, I realized that I need to start arranging my own life. I need to live my life in the best possible fashion. That's why now I'm trying to write down several resolutions that might be useful to tackle my bad habi…

The Internship!

Assalamualaikum wr wb.
Aloha! Been a while, eh? Tomorrow is the last day of the official holiday from the uni. Quite uncommonly, I feel kind of excited! Probably because I need regular activities to prevent myself from waking up late and getting dizzy for half a day because of too much sleep or too much reality/variety shows. Anyway, this holiday I did some interesting activities mainly related to work, which were pretty much unexpected. Signing up for an internship was the last thing I had on mind a few weeks before the holiday, yet I ended up doing my first internship this holiday, which is the topic I am bringing up in this post.
SCG International Intenship 2014
Being an intern is probably the last thing I wanted to do before the holiday, as I said before. It's pretty much because I don't want to waste my holiday time and I thought that I would have around half of my life to build my career, so why start now? Hahaha. However, this particular internship program caught my atte…

On Being a King

Will you still be considered King when you actually have nothing to rule over?
What is so important about having an authority?
You can always order people to do things according to your will,
at first they might obey,
but if those would only drive people away,
would there be anyone left to be called a subject?

Ramadhan, Aku Masih Cinta :3

Assalamualaikum wr wb.
Sebenarnya malam ini saya mau bercerita tentang cinta, tapi apa daya sepertinya ada suatu zat atau hal yang apa-saya-tidak-tahu yang menahan saya dari melakukannya. Rasanya tidak enak, rasanya lebih baik menulis tentang Ramadhan saja. 
Ya, tahun ini, alhamdulillah berjumpa lagi dengan Ramadhan. Bulan penuh berkah. Bulan yang saya sangat rindukan, terutama karena suasananya. 
Malam ini malam ke-27 dari bulan Ramadhan. Malam Jum'at pula. Katanya di malam seperti ini baik sekali untuk beribadah banyak. Saya percaya, tapi sayangnya saya sedang dalam kondisi di mana saya tidak punya banyak pilihan ibadah. Sedih rasanya, sungguh.
Kalau boleh jujur --dan mungkin terlihat dari tulisan saya--, saya cukup kecewa dengan diri saya sendiri di bulan Ramadhan kali ini. Separuh dari bulan ini saya habiskan di Thailand, dan sejujurnya tidak banyak amalan yang saya lakukan di sana. Kecewa rasanya, karena seperti menyia-nyiakan kesempatan mendapatkan ampunan. Kecewa, karena s…

Who Are You?

It was around 10 pm.
I was there. On my way home. Making my way through  the gate of the MRT.
And there you were, walking past the security gate,  heading to the same direction as me.
We were both there, in the same space and time; eyes met.
Butterflies. I wondered, why?
It was one of my last days in Bangkok.
And I thought,
should I stayed a bit longer, should I braved myself to try, things between us might end up different.
I might never even get to know your name. Nor would I ever know where you were heading.
You are only a person. The one I saw at the MRT station.
I barely even remember your face.
But still, I'm wondering, will our paths ever cross again?

Bangkok Internship!


Sorry for the long-time-no-posting! :)

I'm currently staying in Bangkok for a month to do my internship. It's awesome, I didn't know that Bangkok have developed so much compared to Jakarta. Some things are quite awesome here, yet some areas are pretty much the same with the things I'd find back home. Things are going pretty well, it's just that the schedule is very tight I sometimes barely have time to relax! But the people are awesome, met many new friends and can't wait to meet old friends in the weekend :)

Would love to post many things on the blog but I'll try to adapt with the pace first ;)

Wish me luck, na! *Thai accent coming!*


Keep Going!

You have to believe that 
after hardship, comes ease.
God knows what you've done,
He knows how hard you've tried.
The next step would only to believe,
that He'll set up the right time for you
to reap the seeds that you've sown.

Anyway, all of a sudden I just really want to share to you some words which have stayed on my mind and heart for quite a long time. It was my mom's. When I was in Elementary school, I got pretty envious of these friends of mine whose families are rich, yet they're doing pretty well at school. You know, there was an ongoing assumption that rich kids are typically not smart, and at that time I felt like the world is so unfair that there actually are kids who could actually get both things on their hands.

I never had any courage to tell those to my mom, but somehow she could understand my feeling when a few things accidentally slipped out my mouth while I was ranting on my assignments, and she said: "It is just normal that rich people are sm…

Growing Up Is Tough

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Growing up is tough.
It is, don't you think?

Just recently I realized how tough it actually is to be an adult. Back in the days when I was younger, everything seemed to be very clear. I knew exactly what I needed to do next after certain phases of life, I knew what kind of accomplishments I needed to make, and I had enough courage to depict myself in the future. It felt like every single thing had already been set, the path for me is straight, and all I needed to do is trying to never get myself off the road. The target is lucid and seemed to be rather explicit.

But now, everything gets a little blurry. I feel like I'm getting lost, getting off the road. Or more precisely, I might not even know which way I am currently heading, nor which trail I actually need to take. I now able to feel how ambiguous and unclear this life really is. Success and many other things that I interpreted when I was younger seems to be rather ambiguous. I have no idea about the…

Sawo, Ketumbar, Daun Bawang?

Sabtu, 16 November 2013. Seperti biasa, saya yang selalu terburu-buru dan grasak-grusuk sebelum meninggalkan rumah untuk berkegiatan, hari itu tidak sempat untuk sarapan sampai kenyang. Perjalanan sekitar satu jam dengan kereta api tentu saja menghabiskan energi yang hanya saya dapatkan dari setangkup roti. Apalagi, kereta api tujuan Bogor hari itu cukup penuh. Maklum, akhir pekan. Kota Bogor masih merupakan kawasan yang diminati penduduk kota yang sedang bosan.
Di akhir pekan itu, saya bukan berangkat ke Kota Bogor untuk liburan. Saya berangkat menuju Desa Susukan, sebuah desa yang terletak di Kabupaten Bogor. Hari itu saya dan beberapa teman ditugaskan untuk mengajar siswi-siswi SMP di PKBM Nurul Jannah, sebuah sekolah informal yang didirikan untuk mendukung anak-anak kurang mampu agar dapat mengenyam bangku pendidikan.
Sesampainya di Desa Susukan, perut saya yang sudah keroncongan akhirnya diam setelah diisi sepiring nasi, dengan lauk mi goring rasa rendang. Rasa kesukaan. Karena …

The Stars I Couldn't Fathom into Constellations

Familiar with the title? Of course, you'd read a similar text from this book called "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. He wrote: My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations. So here are some thoughts of me coming from a couple months ago, which somehow I can't fathom into decent blog post.

The answer to my anxieties and the lingering question about the purpose of life is that I am trying to find peace inside myself. And there is no better place to find peace but in Islam.

The more I understand myself, the more people would accept me. Faking isn't always necessary, because people would prefer to welcome a person with identity.

Leisure time is really a double-edged sword, at least for me. Using it for activities with much benefits would be much better, really.

One kind of problem which occurs to me as very irritating would be disrespect. I have no respect for people acting disrespectfully. 

Reading the Qur'an and study about Islam bring me back…

Go Away!

I really want this laziness to go away. I am such a lazy girl and I realize that this is such a big problem to have. I don't wanna spend most of my time sleeping or doing some other unimportant things! No. Not anymore. Life is so short and the time we have is limited. If we're not optimizing the resources we have, then what is the use of us as a person in this world? In our society? I am so ashamed of myself. But then, we still have time to change. To improve ourselves. To be more productive each day. To be more tired everyday. To relax sometimes as well (haha), but not too much. 
I think one of the most important solution is to be able to use spare-time for something productive. There might be massive effect coming from us using our spare time correctly, wisely. I need to learn to do that, really, because one of my biggest aspirations is to be someone beneficial for others, and be able to leave a great legacy to be appreciated.
So, get yourself together, Asriana Syarifa Sept…


to the ground

And the water splashes
As those children hurries
Answering their calls
To be coming home before
the night

to the ground

And the tears
my cheeks

Creeping down slowly
Concealing its right
to be heard
to be seen


It gets harder and harder, each and every inches
of us striding alongside the cold wind.
The air is getting thinner, the slope seems so much steeper.
Could we ever make it?

They somehow look better,
don't they?
Those people we met, better equipped,
seemingly leaving us far behind.


for there will be rewards after every sweat we're breaking,
for there will be sweet victory after us believing,
don't give up.

Just, don't give up.

We might be there already,
only a few centimeters before the very tip
of the dream,
we've been dreaming.