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Go Away!

I really want this laziness to go away. I am such a lazy girl and I realize that this is such a big problem to have. I don't wanna spend most of my time sleeping or doing some other unimportant things! No. Not anymore. Life is so short and the time we have is limited. If we're not optimizing the resources we have, then what is the use of us as a person in this world? In our society? I am so ashamed of myself. But then, we still have time to change. To improve ourselves. To be more productive each day. To be more tired everyday. To relax sometimes as well (haha), but not too much. 
I think one of the most important solution is to be able to use spare-time for something productive. There might be massive effect coming from us using our spare time correctly, wisely. I need to learn to do that, really, because one of my biggest aspirations is to be someone beneficial for others, and be able to leave a great legacy to be appreciated.
So, get yourself together, Asriana Syarifa Sept…