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Keep Going!

You have to believe that 
after hardship, comes ease.
God knows what you've done,
He knows how hard you've tried.
The next step would only to believe,
that He'll set up the right time for you
to reap the seeds that you've sown.

Anyway, all of a sudden I just really want to share to you some words which have stayed on my mind and heart for quite a long time. It was my mom's. When I was in Elementary school, I got pretty envious of these friends of mine whose families are rich, yet they're doing pretty well at school. You know, there was an ongoing assumption that rich kids are typically not smart, and at that time I felt like the world is so unfair that there actually are kids who could actually get both things on their hands.

I never had any courage to tell those to my mom, but somehow she could understand my feeling when a few things accidentally slipped out my mouth while I was ranting on my assignments, and she said: "It is just normal that rich people are sm…

Growing Up Is Tough

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Growing up is tough.
It is, don't you think?

Just recently I realized how tough it actually is to be an adult. Back in the days when I was younger, everything seemed to be very clear. I knew exactly what I needed to do next after certain phases of life, I knew what kind of accomplishments I needed to make, and I had enough courage to depict myself in the future. It felt like every single thing had already been set, the path for me is straight, and all I needed to do is trying to never get myself off the road. The target is lucid and seemed to be rather explicit.

But now, everything gets a little blurry. I feel like I'm getting lost, getting off the road. Or more precisely, I might not even know which way I am currently heading, nor which trail I actually need to take. I now able to feel how ambiguous and unclear this life really is. Success and many other things that I interpreted when I was younger seems to be rather ambiguous. I have no idea about the…