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The Internship!

Assalamualaikum wr wb.
Aloha! Been a while, eh? Tomorrow is the last day of the official holiday from the uni. Quite uncommonly, I feel kind of excited! Probably because I need regular activities to prevent myself from waking up late and getting dizzy for half a day because of too much sleep or too much reality/variety shows. Anyway, this holiday I did some interesting activities mainly related to work, which were pretty much unexpected. Signing up for an internship was the last thing I had on mind a few weeks before the holiday, yet I ended up doing my first internship this holiday, which is the topic I am bringing up in this post.
SCG International Intenship 2014
Being an intern is probably the last thing I wanted to do before the holiday, as I said before. It's pretty much because I don't want to waste my holiday time and I thought that I would have around half of my life to build my career, so why start now? Hahaha. However, this particular internship program caught my atte…

On Being a King

Will you still be considered King when you actually have nothing to rule over?
What is so important about having an authority?
You can always order people to do things according to your will,
at first they might obey,
but if those would only drive people away,
would there be anyone left to be called a subject?