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Self Reminder, Self Reflection

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
So I've been thinking about many things and somehow I learned,
that we are created weak, but He wants to lift the burdens of the weak;
that we are full of worries and anxieties, but He wants us to cling our hope only to Him;
that sometimes we go astray, but He wants us to pray to make Him lead us to the straight way;
that we question so many things, we're lost, but He teaches us the Holy Book of guidance;
that whenever we try to reach Him, He will reach to us even further.
I've always been thinking that I am a sinner, that the afterlife for me would be awful.  I get scared so many times thinking about what would happen to me after this worldly life has ended. I get anxious, worried, all the time.
I forgot that You are The Most Forgiving, that to go back to You is never too late, that I can still beg for Your mercy, that I can still find the peace and beauty in this faith I believe in. I forgot to appreciate and be grateful of the life that you've been gi…