Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dari Hati yang Terdalam

Terima kasih,
orang-orang yang telah mengingatkan,
bahwa jalan ini masih panjang,
bahwa aku tidak boleh menyerah,
tidak boleh malas,
dan harus tetap berjalan.

Terima kasih,
karena telah menyadarkan.

Terima kasih!


Aku pun teringat akan malam-malam itu,
langkah-langkah cepat,
tanah yang basah,
tetes-tetes air hujan,
dan cahaya rembulan,
di gelapnya malam.

Aku pun teringat akan malam-malam itu,
ketika aku memandang,
adakah kamu di sana?

Ketika satu-satunya petunjukku
adalah nyala lampu kamarmu.

Ketika satu-satunya penenangku
adalah aku
yang terdiam sejenak
dan dalam diam berkata,

"Ya, kamu ada."

Oh hujan.
Lagi-lagi kamu turun
dengan potongan cerita
tentang Ia.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


aku ingin
menjadi orang
pandai menulis
tentang cinta
dan harapan.

Welcoming November! Welcoming Thesis!

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Hello! November is already here, haha. It somehow feels a little bit intimidating. Why? Because my mid-term exams have just finished and probably it's about time for me to try to work on my thesis. I haven't even read a single article on finance lately, but I suppose the reading needs to be undertaken very soon. I'll try to get it done this week, promise!

Anyway, recently I've been so much into this Korean variety show called Running Man. I know, this show is very popular around one or two years ago and I insisted not to watch a single episode back then. But you know, sometimes life gets a little bit boring (what?) or I just need some sort of entertainment to make myself laugh out loud (haha), that's why I started watching Running Man around this year's July. And as you know, it's addictive. Some episodes aren't that funny, but you'll never know when the funny scenes will come out that it makes you very curious to watch every single episode. Sometimes, the show also gives you some sort of flashbacks on previous episodes that makes you really want to know which episode it was from and forces you to collect (and watch) as many episodes as you can. In addition, I currently have no classes on Mondays and Tuesday, what better way is there to brighten your lazy days but to watch your favorite TV show?

However, I do feel a bit bored recently because of my super-loose schedules. I haven't been going out that much for a while, and I feel like all I do at home is just sleeping, eating, and watching anything. I even feel like I underused my brain and I'm afraid my brain is going to lose it's capability, that's why I downloaded several brain training applications on my phone. Haha. Another problem that rises is the fact that I actually know what I've got to prioritize: my thesis; yet I, as always, procrastinate. I should get myself together and do this thesis thingy, for real. (But why on earth are you on Blogger rather than Elsevier right now?!)

Sorry, I think I gotta go, it'd be awesome to try reading some English idioms (it just crosses my mind). Afterwards, if I'm not super-sleepy or get distracted by something-that-I-dont-know-yet, I'll check out some articles on Journal of Finance or something like that.

See ya!

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.