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I got to know you only for a short period of time,
but all the memories I have about you are enough to make me fell deep in love.

The you that I know is the you that I admire.
I like how you dress fabulously well in your suits,
how you write your masterpieces on the blog,
how you made pieces of art on your canvas.

You are perfect, can never be replaced.
Nothing seconds those ridiculously romantic moments we shared:
a little talk over a busy cutting machine,
a walk under the stormy rain,
a nice encounter before we parted ways.

Yet the you that I know is just the you that I want to know.
I honestly don't want to know further about who you really are,
or how you've been,
or whether you still remember me.

I just want to make sure that
you and the memories of you
remain unchanged,
for I realize that some people are meant to be known
just to a certain point,
for us to forever be in love.