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Sense of Admiration.

I admire my older brother.
While I am always busy with myself and being too self-centered that I often hurt my family; my brother is the complete opposite. He is the person who has always been calm, trying his best to never be a burden to mom and dad, never shows his feelings, let alone his wants and needs, and actually has always been the one who supports the family in so many ways.
I admire him for being the one who seems so happy to treat us for dinner, while he himself often buys ordinary meals for himself. I admire him because I learned that those superheroes who often gets overlooked do exist. He never tries to be the star on the stage, but without him there might be no star at all since he's the one who takes care of the whole show.
Thank you, for letting me realize that you don't need to be extremely smart and ambitious and all that for you to actually be happy and be other people's source of happiness. :)
P.S:Although I know that his childhood had been pretty rough…