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Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Hi! Been such a long while since the last time I got myself totally immersed in writing. Let me tell you about what I have been up to these days.

Recently Graduated
Graduation ceremony was held on August 28th, 2015. I went there with my uncle and auntie since my parents could not come. The graduation ceremony was inspiring, which was not quite as I expected. I was moved when the song "Selamat Datang Pahlawan Muda" was sung. It might have meant to be a song sung for the freshmen as the graduation ceremony was also the welcoming ceremony for them; but for me, it was also as if it was sung for us, the graduates, and we were addressed as heroes which made me feel kind of sad. I felt like I have not done anything much to deserve being addressed as a hero. I could have done much better for the nation, really, but regret always comes later.

The next tear-jerking moment was when one of the freshmen, who got accepted in my faculty (Faculty of Economics and Business - FEB) went to the main stage to sing a song for us. And it turned out that he was formerly (and maybe is still) a street-singer (underprivileged people who sing for money on the streets). It was very sentimental for me, since the street-singer got accepted in my faculty (partly) because he was enrolled in this social program initiated by FEB UI's students called Sekolah Master, which essentially is an informal school for young street-singers who could not afford going to school, to prepare for the annual test to get into national universities. It was amazing, since right before my eyes I could see how a kindness like that could lead to a change in someone's life.

Job Seeking
Since I have officially graduated, it also means that I am officially unemployed. I am still looking for companies who might be interested in my personality, interests, skills, and potentials, and I hope to find it soon. I am recently aiming for several companies but I have not yet received positive feedback from any. At times like this, I remember reading an article that says how our generation is a less-happy generation compared to our parents', because we overvalue ourselves, we think that we are special, and we think that companies also think that way. But in reality, we might not be as special, really, and we might as well end up having a job which does not live up to our expectations. Thus, becoming less-happy. Sorry if it sounds so pessimistic, but it really creates doubt in myself sometimes, and I think it is not so nice for my self-esteem. However, I believe that knowing it would make me a lot more prepared in accepting jobs that might not be as great as I expected, and still do my best with that. Wish me luck! (Anyway, I can't help but feeling insecure as I am writing this, since I am wondering about whether my online presence would do me a favor or backfire. I hope it's not the latter, since I am here to show companies that I am real person, and this blog might show them a little something about my personality).

Household Chores
Did I tell you? The reason why my parents could not attend my graduation ceremony was because they are doing Hajj or the Islamic pilgrimage, which means they are currently in Saudi Arabia and will be there up until the beginning of October. Therefore, I am left with my older brother and three younger siblings at home. Since I do not have any maid at home but the one who only does the ironing, I am currently responsible of most of the household chores. Be it sweeping, mopping, or dish-washing, I now can do them pretty well. Surprise surprise. Ah, I still don't cook that much though, because we ask some help to a relative to cook us dishes every weekdays. But well, you can expect to see me in the kitchen on the upcoming weekends, haha.

Well, that's pretty much the updates on my life, haha. Anyway, I have an idea that I might share with you, but I'll keep it for myself 'till it's ready. Thank you for reading, see you!

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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