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Of Many Things To Be Grateful For

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.
Been forever since the last time this blog is updated! (That has been pretty much my "favorite" opening sentence in the last several posts). It really just made it even more clear that I haven't allotted that much time to write on the blog. Sigh.
Anyway, there have been many 'first-time's I had done in the past few months and more or less because of that, life has been very exciting!  But anyway, I won't be having that much time to write this post so please bear with me if I don't have a well-written structure in this post (saying this as if the other posts are good lol). So, let's start :)
First Time Working! I have started working, yay! I'm working in this financial e-commerce startup company called, a company under a group called Compare88 based in Singapore. What I do is helping my Group CEO lives his life easier by providing him with analysis and assistance. I have been working for almost three months (I…