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Giving you a sack of positivity

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Happy new year! Wilkommen to the the first post of 2016 :)

Hello from the other side! Hi!

So just a couple minutes ago I was scrolling down my Path and Instagram accounts and found numerous good news from my online friends, haha. Let me give you the list of the things that I saw:

A senior who has just got married and posted her wedding video, which I find very romantic and inspirational (really, the feels was just like watching Habibie & Ainun's movie trailer)!A recent acquaintance who went to Google HQ (yes, the one in California) since his startup is (I guess) invited to join this seemingly ultra-cool training and sharing session by Google.My exchange friend who's studying in Tokyo University posting a video of him and his colleagues playing with snow.A senior who posted an article about "Signs that you love your job" and stated that she definitely enjoys her career. She's a banker, btw. And suddenly, the urge to write this. I'm h…