Giving you a sack of positivity

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Happy new year! Wilkommen to the the first post of 2016 :)

Hello from the other side! Hi!

So just a couple minutes ago I was scrolling down my Path and Instagram accounts and found numerous good news from my online friends, haha. Let me give you the list of the things that I saw:

  1. A senior who has just got married and posted her wedding video, which I find very romantic and inspirational (really, the feels was just like watching Habibie & Ainun's movie trailer)!
  2. A recent acquaintance who went to Google HQ (yes, the one in California) since his startup is (I guess) invited to join this seemingly ultra-cool training and sharing session by Google.
  3. My exchange friend who's studying in Tokyo University posting a video of him and his colleagues playing with snow.
  4. A senior who posted an article about "Signs that you love your job" and stated that she definitely enjoys her career. She's a banker, btw.
And suddenly, the urge to write this. I'm happy to see how people are happy and excited with their life. That's some sort of an energy for me as well and makes me realize, for the n-th time in life, that you can be happy as long as you choose to. I mean, look at those people, they are all taking different kinds of paths: marrying someone, creating a business, studying, and working. The typical options you have to somewhat prioritize in some particular orders after graduating. And guess what? They're all happy (at least, currently, according to those posts, haha) with what they've chosen.

So you (talking to myself, mainly), whichever path you choose for yourself for now, make sure to make the most out of it and be grateful! Everyone else is doing the exact same thing with you and they enjoy it. You can try to do it too ;)

So, so long friends and enjoy the weekend!

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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