Sunday, October 22, 2017


Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Today I spent most of my time listening to one of my all-time favorite band, Sekai No Owari.
They are one of a few bands who can always produce very meaningful lyrics and good music, as well as outstanding stage performances. Today, I saw a few of their convert videos online, and I was astonished. It was exciting, beautiful, and warm at the same time.

I can feel their sincerity in doing what they're doing. Fukase sings his heart out. Saori's fingers dances on the organ. Nakajin always smiles and jumps around with his guitar. And DJ Love, although was not as visually present as the others, brings out amazing music and expressions through his clown mask. I was impressed.

And it got me thinking, "They really enjoy what they are doing."

But then again, seeing how they always almost cried (at least Saori did) on their major performances, and seeing how they looked very grateful whenever they see huge crowd before them, I can sense that it wasn't easy for them to get there. They started their band in 2006, when most of them were 26 years old. And they had their first big hit in 2013, 7 years later. So, it took time for them, too.

They're mostly 32 right now, but throughout their performances, I can see sparks on their eyes. I can See their fighting spirit. Their excitement. Their energy. And it transferred. It made me want to say to myself, that I'm only 25. That I should not lose my spark. That hardships are common. And that there will come a time, when I will feel extremely happy and grateful because I have given my all.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Monday, October 9, 2017


You're not going to always get what you want in life.
Even if you are, some things might take time.
And it's okay. Don't give up just yet.
Maybe, you're almost there.


You might sometimes feel like you're stuck, and bored.
Things might not be as interesting nor exciting anymore.
But relax, try to find sparks in the tiniest, simplest thing.
Find a reason, or meaning, on what you're doing.


If there is anything that you think you have always enjoy doing,
keep doing it. Be sincere. Keep praying.
God might be opening doors for you now.
Keep doing it. Keep going.


Do not be afraid. You are much more powerful than you think you are.
And if you're not, you can always count on the greatest force of all.
Keep praying. Keep your integrity and hardwork.
It would pay off. Don't fret.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Soundtracks of my life :)

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

If this were a Facebook status, I'd write "I'm feeling nostalgic". 

I am currently listening to old songs on my laptop; the songs I used to download as mp3s long before Spotify existed. Songs which I used to listen throughout the different stages of my life, each of those subconsciously linked to certain memories. On this post, I'll list them all in an orderly manner, just for fun. (Feels like it's been such a long time since I did something "just for fun", haha).

Here we go!

Junior High School

Start of Something New - High School Musical
We Are One - Lion King
Koko Dake No Hanshi - Prince of Tennis

I used to be obsessed with Lion King (don't think the obsession ceased up until now) and listened to its songs almost everyday after school. Since I did not have fast internet connection and couldn't download any mp3s at that time, I listened to the songs on my tape by playing the movie's VCD. I knew exactly at which minute (and second) will a certain song start to play, and while listening to them, tried to figure out the lyrics myself by ear. Probably one of the reasons why I had good English scores in school, haha.

A year later or so, I remember already having songs on my phone, which had very limited storage. I put all Prince of Tennis' songs once (such as Koko dake No Hanshi by Ryoma Echizen, lol), and put all High School Musical and/or Camp Rock theme songs at some other time. As usual, I'd be listening to them whenever I went home from school. I was always equipped with my phone in the front pocket of my uniform and headsets.

High School

You'll Be in My Heart - Phil Collins
WISH - Arashi
Summer Time - NEWS
Chiisana Koi No Uta - Mongol800
The Wedding - Kagami Seira

Basically all Japanese Songs. I was such a nerd in High School, haha. I listened to NEWS and Yamapi mostly, and also some other songs which served as Japanese drama's soundtrack. It is during this time when I learned to know most of Japanese boybands and singers such as Arashi, Greeeen, Depapepe, Hey!Say!Jump, and many more. 

Since my high school life revolved around organizations, best friends, and Japanese dramas, all my soundtracks directly linked to them. Project Pop's 'Ingatlah Hari Ini', Sherina's 'Lihatlah Lebih Dekat', and Phil Collins' 'You'll Be in My Heart' were a few songs I used to sing together with my SP family. Meanwhile, J-pop songs (mostly NEWS and Arashi) and all Japanese drama's soundtracks were what I, Risna, and Riedha listened to most of the time. Ah, I was also somehow obsessed with Kagami Seira (which, btw, was Yamapi's ex-girlfriend) and listened to her album mostly when I did TOEFL Preparation course at LIA Pancoran.

Mabit NF & Freshman Year

Sebiru Hari Ini - Edcoustic
Eenie Meenie - Justin Bieber
Ya Sudahlah - Bondan Prakoso
Mine - Taylor Swift
Selamanya - Diva Gianina

Any Mabit NF's graduate would know the "Sebiru Hari Ini" song, a very iconic and memorable song sung by all generations, including mine. Aside of it, another song which was very memorable to me as well was Justin Bieber's Eenie Meenie, an upbeat song which was used to charge up my group (Aroma)'s spirit whenever we had to stay up late to work on exercises.

During the break in between university acceptance and its first day, I remembered that I mostly listened to Taylor Swift's songs, such as Mine, You Belong With Me, Fearless, Ours, and Speak Now. I also remembered listening to Bondan Prakoso's 'Ya Sudahlah' in a car on my way back to Jakarta after a gathering with my family and grandparents at Bogor on Lebaran day. As for Diva Gianina's 'Selamanya', it was a song which I had to listen to, because I was forced by someone. Haha. 

Exchange Year

Perahu Kertas - Maudy Ayunda
RPG - Sekai No Owari
Summer Paradise - Simple Plan ft. Taka ONE OK ROCK
All About You - McFly
This I Promise You - NSync
Sahabat Kecil - Ipang

Not long before my flight to Sendai, Dewi Lestari's Perahu Kertas' movie came out and I was immersed in the movie and its soundtrack. I also fell in love with Maudy Ayunda and her character, especially after learning that she was the actress who played as Rena in a hit movie "Untuk Rena" during my childhood. So, for the first month, my playlist was filled with her songs.

A few months later, I started to shift to Sekai No Owari, with Sekai No Owari's RPG on my "most played" list in iTunes, followed by Sekai No Owari's other songs such as "Nemuri Hime" and "Dragon Night". I was also introduced to a Japanese band called ONE OK ROCK whose songs were often sung by my friends at the karaoke.

During this time, I also stumbled upon Tom Fletcher's Wedding Speech on YouTube, and suddenly listened to almost all of McFly's songs ever since. When I showed the video to Kak Hanami, she told me that she remembered McFly's "All About You" from many years before and it was when we started to spend the night looking for old songs, including NSync's "This I Promise You", which apparently was a hit song that I did not aware of until then, and just gained a place in my top list starting from that day.

The Years in Between & Senior Year

Let It Go - Frozen
All of The Stars - Ed Sheeran
Defying Gravity - Wicked
Turned off The TV - Leessang
200% - Akdong Musician

To be honest, I had a hard time remembering which song(s) I listened to most during this period of time before my senior year. I think there wasn't any song in particular that I liked so much. However, not long after I came back from Japan, Disney's Frozen was released. As an avid Disney (and musical) fan, I was also caught in the hype with its original soundtracks, such as "Let It Go" and "Love Is An Open Door". Circa 2014, I used to listen to Ed Sheeran. He started to become extremely popular with his song "All of The Stars", which was the soundtrack of "The Fault in Our Stars" movie. 

My senior year was filled with a lot of Korean variety show and songs. Since I used to have a lot of spare time due to having only 1 course at university and an undergraduate thesis, I started to watch Running Man. From Running Man, I started noticing many Korean singers, including Leessang and Akdong Musician, who had different vibes to their music compared to girlbands / boybands. I also started to listen to a few musicals (although I already liked Les Miserables and Matilda since 2012/2013), such as Wicked and Finding Neverland.

Working Days (Nowadays)

Hamilton OST
Dear Evan Hansen OST
Beauty and The Beast OST

Ever since late 2015, I started to listen more musicals/broadway songs, and used to listen to Hamilton's soundtrack almost everyday for at least 3 months in 2016. Honestly, Hamilton songs were the first few songs that I listened to using Spotify. Just recently, I liked Dear Evan Hansen and Beauty And The Beast so much that they were in the top list in my Spotify account, but now that I just listened to old songs, I kind of miss listening to some pop songs as well.

Well, there you go, that's my nostalgic song list for the pat few years, haha. Thanks for reading, and hopefully this post can make you feel nostalgic too. Because sometimes, it feels great to live a little bit in the past; just make sure you're not staying for too long! ;)
(P.S. : This writing was such an emotional roller coaster for me! Lol)

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sometimes, technology sucks.


Take me back to the time when people are experiencing life the "old" way;
When people are peeking into the world through their eyes,  not their screens;
When people read stories from books, not social media feeds.

When I am writing on my diary, not my blog.

I miss all those.
So much, that it hurts.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What Am I For?

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

There's been so much things going on right now.

Sometimes, I feel super-stressed because of working; not because it is hard, but at some points in my life, when I wake up in the morning or when I try to sleep late at night, my brain got me thinking, "What am I doing with my life?". Sometimes I feel like I don't know what's the purpose for doing all these things. I know, I know, I can make money to feed myself, my family, or even finance my future family. But is it enough? Is it really enough to spend all those years of working "only" for that?

Well, I don't know. I might be naive. But I believe that we are all capable of doing much more than that. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate all people who work to make their families happy, but somehow having it as the sole purpose of doing things does not work for me. Or maybe haven't worked for me just yet. I currently still think that I need to do something which can be a legacy for society, especially my religion and my country. Or any sort of community that I am in.

Anyway, I really hope that my skills and talents can somehow be used for something beneficial for many people. Bismillah. God, please lead me along the way and make me be useful for You and others.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Hey. I have been a little busy these days. There are so many things that I am currently doing; this and that; things that kind of occupied most of my weekends. I'll give an update, but for now, please just wish me the best of luck in all those :)

By the way, there are a few things that I just feel the need to write as a self-reminder:
That to give life meanings, find purpose.
That good things will happen when you've done your homework.
That other people's lives might be much better than you, but yours is special too.
That you should always try things you have always wanted to try. Do it. Don't be afraid.
That whenever you do something, somehow you do them for yourself.
And, be grateful. There are so many things He has given.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.