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You're not going to always get what you want in life.
Even if you are, some things might take time.
And it's okay. Don't give up just yet.
Maybe, you're almost there.


You might sometimes feel like you're stuck, and bored.
Things might not be as interesting nor exciting anymore.
But relax, try to find sparks in the tiniest, simplest thing.
Find a reason, or meaning, on what you're doing.


If there is anything that you think you have always enjoy doing,
keep doing it. Be sincere. Keep praying.
God might be opening doors for you now.
Keep doing it. Keep going.


Do not be afraid. You are much more powerful than you think you are.
And if you're not, you can always count on the greatest force of all.
Keep praying. Keep your integrity and hardwork.
It would pay off. Don't fret.