Code Blue

hoaaaahhm!! it's almost 12 pm and i'm still awake (again!) hahaha.
i've just watched yamapi's dorama.. Code Blue desu.
it was so touching and i cried quite a lot.
it was sooo sad when you saw a dorama about people's life and about some doctors who tried their best to rescue another people.
and that dorama made me thinked about things like i should take care of my family while i still able to meet them everyday, and i think work is all about making another people happy and always do the best at all time and all situations.
so, code blue was a really good drama!

and yamapi has the main role in this drama! (hahahaha, again!)
he acted as kousaku aizawa sensei! he was soooo cool yet has beutiful heart!
i always love the way he cries in his dramas.. so touching and sweet! :)
in this drama, he played with aragaki yui, toda erika, and asari yosuke..
ah! the drama also has a special.. but i haven't watched it yet T_T

saa, here is the picture of yamapi as aizawa sensei (kakkoi!):


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