What A Wonderful Class

Yeah, now i'm in my class in my 'new' school. Only 17 people attend to the class today. Haha, i only studied for 40 minutes since the first subject. It's math and now it supposed to be biology but the teacher doesn't come because of sickness. Actually i have nothing to do so i decided to grab my phone and write on this brand-new-blog which only has 5 posts in it, haha.

During break time, i and my friends went to a mall near this building. I searched for some japanese dvds but i couldn't find any of them that interests me. Well, i did find one of yamapi's dorama titled 'Code Blue', but i think i'm just going to buy it in another mall.

Now my history teacher has come. I'm going to study for another 20 minutes. After this, it should be physics, chemistry, and.. The school will ends.. Hahaha.

Well, now my physics teacher has come and you know what? Before she (my teacher) come to my class, i and almost all of my friends hide under the table, and after my teacher come into my class for a while, we come out from under the table out of blue. Hahaha. I hope it suprised her and make her a lit tle bit happier because of that. Well, because at first, she looked a little dissapointed because maybe she thinked that only a few people attend to her class, haha. Well, got to get back to physics guys! Ja! Bye :)


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