Math Exam and This Weekend's Plan

huffff.. this morning's math exam was terrible! it was soooo hard! i couldnt answer 3 out of 16 questions!! well, i did answer all of them, but i think that 3 numbers were definitely wrong!! hahaha. but i hope miracle will come and help me out! hahaaha :) what a dream!

now i supposed to do my biology presentation task.. but i'm still waiting for emails from my friends about that task, so i havent done it yet..!

next saturday i'll go to BSD to play paintball with my classmates!! yay! i hope it'll be fun!! i cant wait for the day to come!! :D
we'll also take a photoshoot for our class' photo in the graduation book!!
it made me think about myself. now i'm already in the 2nd grade, and i supposed to be graduated next year! ummm, i dont know am i going to be happy or not.. but i think the best way to make me happy is by treasuring everyday in my school-life and making them the most unforgettable memories in my life!!! :D

hoaaaahm! i'm sleepy! i really need to take a rest! i've been so busy because of school works these days.. but it was fun! :) hahaha


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