Code Blue Special + New Russ K CM !!!

aaaaaaawwww!!! i finally watched code blue special and that was AWESOME! i cant say it in words.. hahaha! i'm speechless! that's soooo touching and i was crying for almost the half of the film!! aaaahhh!! hontou ni sugoi da yo!! okay, it's about a train-accident, and all the four doctor heli were going to the location and found out that there were so many people got injured. at that place, they must treated every person well, but every doctor got their own obstacles at that place.

shiraishi-sensei was troubled by a family who wanted to send their family member to the hospital as quickly as possible, but the patient's condition was so bad and there was just a slight chance to rescue him. moreover, there were still many other people who need to be taken to the hospital. finally shiraishi-sensei decided not to bring the guy to the hospital. and the family member were so angry at her.

asari yosuke (i only remember his real name, haha) finally had to do an operation on the spot. he was guided by kuroda-sensei in doing that. he had to operate someone's leg and finally he was able to do that OP succesfully.

hiyama-sensei was rescueing other people when suddenly the train moved and made her fell to the ground. she was seriously injured and no one knew about that till kuroda sensei saw her. it was when all doctors already finished their job and there was no other victims left on the location.

and aizawa-sensei (yamapi-san!!) had to make a hole on a child's head to let his blood come out from his brain. that was such a scary scene! he had to make the hole using a drill which usualy used for drilling steel, not human bones!! but as usual, he could make it!! :D

and.......... another good thing! NEW NEWS RUSS K CM WAS RELEASED!!
this is the link..

SOOOO COOL!!!! i wonder what song it was???? i cant wait for their new single!!! YAY!!


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