K-Pops? Nooooooooooooo!!

oh man, i cant belive it! now i'm a bit, slightly addicted to k-pop! okay, okay calm down.. it's not like i've became a fangirl of DBSK/ShiNee/BBF or whatever that's so korean, hahahaha. but now i like SNSD a.k.a Girls Generation! it's SM Town's girlband which consists of 9 pretty hot cute WOMEN! hahahaha!!! yeah!! they're not boys!! please dont think that i'm a lesbian, hahaha. i just like them.. because they're cute and their songs are not bad. well, i only listen to 2 of their songs though, hehehe. they're gee and genie.. and in the mvs they're so pretty~! noooo!! i cant believe this! well, because, you know, i'm such a japanese lover and.. kind of an anti-korean one, hahahaha! my brother is the one who should be blamed for introducing me to SNSD.. hahahaha! he once showed me their mv and at first i was like 'noo noo noooo! i dont like koreans!' but after watching it i was like 'well, okay, yeah, they're cute and quite good' hahahahaha! that's the attraction of SNSD! and you know what?! today i showed their mvs to my friends! before showing them the mvs, i first made them listen to the song. and they didnt like it at all. they said that it's such a weird song and bla bla bla. but when i showed them 'the beautiful power of SNSD' (i mean, the mvs hahahaha) they said that snsd is not that bad. hahahaha. XD okay now i'll show you how beautiful they are, hehehe :

have you noticed that they all have such a greatly shaped body and beautiful face? cute right? hahahahaha! they look like barbies~! but sadly, i heard rumours about them which said that they all did some plastic surgeries.. well, that's none of my business though! hahahahaha! they're still so pre-pre-pretty~! hehehe!


  1. dengerin super junior dong taaaar :D :D

  2. RT "well, that's none of my business though!"



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