Busy Busy Busy

wow. today i took my remedial section for my mid-term biology exam. actually the questions are not really hard, but what a pity... i couldn't answer some questions. actually i think it's normal since we haven't even discussed those questions before and those matters are not explained in our text book. but yeah, i am still so disappointed. before the fixation, i and my friends were even studying with Riedha (she won the bronze medal for national biology olympiad this year! ^^ sugoooii!) and that's coming in very handy. hahaha! ah and let me tell you one funny thing! during the exam, i was being supervised by one of my bio teacher. i haven't been taught by him and i think i will never be (because the teachers for my 12th class have already been fixed, haha!). and you know why? during the test he kept calling my name every time i wanted to do something. like, handed in the absent to him and asked him if we can go home earlier when we've finished. and the utter strange thing is when i had finished, i left the class and he called me and said 'hey, (my name) dont forget to pray first!'. i was like 'huh?' and then i said, 'y.. yes, sir!' hahahahaha! that's so awkward! i think he recognized me as someone else! hahahaha! XD

change of topic, tomorrow i'll do a plenary session at school. oh, that's quite frustating because i'm too lazy to do it. hahaha. but well, that's in my responsible so i have to. hahaha. *expressionless smile*. another unpleasant thing is, the session will begin at 07.30 AM and will end at 04.00 PM! that's a pain in the neck! god...

by the way, i gotta go! time for english-course-ing now, hahaha! bye bye~ ^^


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