Today's Great End, Tomorrow's Plan, Sushi?

hey there. i come back! hahaha! just arrived home, coming from my extra-friday-class course. today only a few of the students came. to be precise, there were only 4 students out of 8. somehow i find it great, because less students is better, hahaha. certainly, less students means that you can learn with more concentration, more focus on the subject.hahaha. today we discussed our last prediction test which consists of 3 sections (just like the original TOEFL) listening, structure, and reading. the structure and reading parts were taken from the previous original test, whereas the listening part was taken from the cd of longman's TOEFL book. well, when i was doing the test, i really didn't expect to get a good score, because honestly, the test was way harder than the first prediction test. i even thought that i would get a worse score. but you know what? when my teacher gave me the result, it was surprisingly good! i got a higher score than before! hahahaha! and finally, i could reach the 600s! hahaha! though it's only 607, but at least i could exceed it! i'm exuberant! hehehe :D well, i'm planning to get a better score at the last test, which is going to be held on 9th November, and i think i do have a chance because my progress has always been ascending from the beginning. and i hope i can keep it up. ah and of course, i'd love to get a way better score at the real international test! ganbarimasu yo~ ^^ and wish me luck!

by the way, about tomorrow's plan... i think tomorrow will be a quite busy day. early in the morning, i have to attend to a plenary session at school, since 8.15 AM till 4 PM. and at 4.10 PM, i should go to my course. at the same time, actually i have an organization meeting at a friend's house from 8.00 AM till night. i probably won't go there though actually i have to. or, i wont go to my extra course. none of those ways is good for me, hahaha. but yeah, i really do have to go to the plenary session and i can give no excuses to avoid that.hehehe. demo, zettai ganbarimasu yo~! because it's my last official activity for my organization! ^^

change of topic. hahaha. i really do wanna tell you about sushi resto. well, i haven't been trying a lot of them though, hahaha. well, actually my sushi culinary-journey had begun when i was in the 2nd year of junior high school. at that time, i went to singapore and there, my auntie brought to a sushi resto me. (hey, it's grammatically correct though the sentence sounds strange! hahaha *just learned it today, fufufu*) the resto was genki sushi. that was the first time i ate sushi! (what a shame!). eh no! just realized that i had eaten sushi at that time! actually the first time i ate sushi was when i was still in the elementary school! i went to a japanese restaurant and i ordered an ebi tempura, but they also gave me sushi as side dish. but i didn't ate them at a particularly sushi resto. so, i think it's uncounted. when i ate sushi at genki sushi, i found them very good and tasty. especially the inari ones. hahahaha. well, after that time, i got to some other restaurants, like sushi groove, sushi tei, a-sushi-resto-which-i-forgot-the-name, and sushi ya. that last one is the recent one. for me, all of those restaurants are good. but if i have to make a choice... i think sushi groove and sushi ya are better. well, it's according to the restaurants i went to (which is just a few), hahahaha! why? because the tastes are more delicious! hahahahaha!

anyway, i went to sushi-ya only a few days ago. (or a week ago?) it was the first time i try to eat sushi there. actually i went there with my best-friends and one of them is the one who suggested to me going to that place. and i admit, she gave me a great suggestion ^^. well, i and those friends had been to sushi tei together too, and they found the sushi at sushi ya are better than at sushi tei. i think that's because when we were at sushi-ya, we ordered some fusion sushi while at sushi tei, we ordered the original ones. of course, our indonesian tongue will accept the fusion better. hahahaha. when we ate there, we went with sumo-mayo, dragon rolls, spider a-ma-bobs, and some other sushi which i forgot the name. hahaha. we also ordered gyoza, yakitori, and miso soup. the miso soup was not really satisfying because it was just like miso soup we can have at hoka-hoka bento. but the gyoza and yakitori were awesome. i love them. hahaha. for the dessert, we ordered the ogura ice-cream and that one was great too. hahahaha. of course, we ate all of them ravenously. and you know what? now i'm drooling just to type about those foods. hahahaha! now i really want to have sushi but well, i'm broke. so i think i won't be able to have them for this while. T.T

i'm contemplating a way to get more money right now. 'cause seriously, i can't save anything for now. man, i'm such a lavish girl.. hahahaha!

jaaa, i think i gotta go to sleep now! bye bye and see you again guys ^^


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