NEWSingle, Course, Study, Study, Study!

hey ya guys there. what's with me? not greeting with anything but only a brief 'hello'. hahaha. okay okay, maybe it's the effect of not having time to do any blogging things, haha. no time to do so? hm, not really actually. but lately i'm just not really into blogging.

anyway, i'm gonna tell you about the latest info of NEWS!! it is said that they're going to release their 12th single called 'Sakura Girl'. the full preview of the song is already out (and i'm listening to it right now, hahaha). it's a quite cheerful song. i love the background music too, because it has many instruments played on it. somehow i think the pv will be extremely great with lots of pink sakura blooming around those awesome members who glows maybe even more bright and gorgeous than the sakura, hahaha. hearing the boys' voice again, in a brand-new-song, really made me happy. choo ureshii desu yo! since it has been a while since the last single they had. well, i hope this single won't be dissapointing (i bet it won't! hahahaa). in my point of view, the song is so well-arranged because somehow it has a great dorama-song effect (just like lots of arashi's songs) but it doesn't lose the dancing-song feel which has a great deal in many of NEWS songs. it's great, isn't it? besides, i really love their voices! i love how they mixed their voices together in such a wonderful harmony~ and in the last part, massu has his solo lines, and his voice really made me melt! hahaha. uhm, the pv is not yet out but i hope it will be out soon! ah, yamapi's nikki tells that they did the pv outdoor~! hahaha. beautiful, ne?

now let's jump to another topic, haha. let me tell you about my course, school, and other studying things, haha. now i'm really in the mood of learning history. for me, it indeed is the hardest subject i have to deal with in the university exam. because of its wide extent of contents, i can barely guess what question will be asked in the test. besides, i'm not used to studying history (at my school, our history teacher will give us numbers of questions printed in some papers and we only have to memorize them. when the test begin, taraaa~ the exact same questions will appear on my exam sheet, hahaha). well, actually i do have a problem set from my course which contains history problems, but i haven't done it yet, hahaha. yeah, i admit my laziness is extremely unbeatable. hahaha. maaa, but i'm planning to read all the chapters first, after it, i will begin my problem-based-learning study, hahaha. wish me luck, folks!

about school, now i'm in the middle of my mid-term exam. there's not much to tell about this exam. it's utterly not important. hahaha. what school won't let their students pass their 12 grade? the answer is there's no school will do so. that's why i think these exams are just formality, no matter how bad your scores are, they will still give mercy to you and you'll pass your last year in high school. hahaha.

the next problem is the national exam. i have to deal with physics, chemistry, and biology (again!). hahaha. well, i think i will start to study for it next week. ah, and next week i'll have the last try out too. (a try out simulating the national exam). i will do my best!

huwaaaa i think i've reached the conclusion of this post, and it is that now i have to start studying (again) hahaha. in order to reach my objectives, i need a tremendous hard work and discipline! ganbarimasu~! ^^

ja, gotta go to my history books! they're already missing me! haha. bye bye guys!


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