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sakura no you na, kimi deshita
haru no you na, koi deshita
itsumademo, tsuzuite yuku to
sonna ki ga shiteta
kaze ga fuite, chiru you ni
hara hara to, chiru you ni
ano kaze ga suresatte yuku
matte matte, boku no sakura

do you know how long is a proper time for someone to study? hahaha. i think, the effectiveness will somehow decrease as people take longer time for their study. every brain needs some sort of refreshments, right? hahaha. for me, internet is an amazing thing that ALWAYS refresh my mind. well, okay, sorry, of course japanese doramas, comics, and NEWS are the same. hahahaha. oh, i forgot one important brain nutrition, FOOD. hell yeaaah~ XD

maa, i've been studying history for about two hours, so now i'm in the middle of my "brain meditation" wth! hahaha. i need about the same amount of time to refresh my brain and make it work just how it supposed to be. (no, it doesnt mean that  i can't think properly right now, hahahaha!). hm, i've been surfing for about an hour so the time left is just... 50 minutes. haaaa~ after it, i have to go studying again! yatta~! (eh? ureshii desuka? hahahaha! bakayarou! XD). hmm, i will definitely use this spare time wisely. wth, hahaha. yeah, listening to NEWS, browsing latest news about NEWS, watching some videos of NEWS, singing some songs of NEWS, and searching some ero pics of NEWS are enough~!! lalalala~ (hahaha kidding, of course i'm not an ero princess, hahaha! XP)

sore yori honto 
hontou wa ima sugu
aitai dake saa, uuh baby!

aaah, now it's time for NEWS no NEWS~! lalalala~ after an over-excitement of their new single, Sakura Girl, it's time for another great contentment for NEWS' fans, they'll release their latest single, "Be Funky", which is a soundtrack of Shige's new drama, "troubleman". hahaha (shige plays as a lead-role in this one~ sugoooi nee~). it is said that Shige is the member of NEWS who will follow the popularity of NEWS' leader, Yamashita Tomohisa, hahahaha~! somehow i find it funny, sorry~ it's kinda too weird because shige (who obviously is a bullied member in NEWS) was being compared with yamapi (who obviously is the most popular and prominent member of the group). hahahaha~! ah, and the drama will be aired on 04092010! did you notice it? it's my dear yamapi's birthday!! hahahaha! what a super-amusing coincidence!! XD. well, let's just wait for the drama and the single~ i will definitely buy it if i have enough money!! (but i rarely do, so i think the possibility is quite minor, hahahhahaha). XD

mafuyu no nagareboshi ga, tooku no sora ni matataita
sore wa hohoemu kimi no zanzou
maichiru konna yuki e to
yozora ni negai wo kaketanda
kimi ga itsumademo, shiawase de, arimasu you ni~

huwaaaa yabai, the studying time is getting nearer, i have to make it quick, hahaha. well, i think now i'm gonna tell you about my beloved course. yeay~ recently i have almost nothing to do with my course. so i was just filling up my time with self-studying. (hey, it's filling up, not killing, okay? hahahaha XP). actually i do have some assignments, but i haven't done it yet, hahaha. what an uninteresting info, eh? hahaha. maa, yesterday i came to my course though actually i don't have any errands to do there. i ended up studying history and did a bit of teaching english to my friends. after i had finished discussing english with some friends, i, once again, drowned in my history book. ah, and i have some funny friends who accompany me until my father picked me up. hahaha. we laughed a lot and talked about games, etc. when it was about the time that one of those fellas had to go home, he (the one who had to go home) got inside the building to have his motorbike's helmet. but whoa, the door connecting the building with the backyard was locked. hahahaha. he searched for it and asked the janitor and even the teacher who live at my course, but he couldn't find it. meanwhile, i and another guy (who also is my friend) were chatting at the corridor which ends with that locked door. while we were talking and laughing, suddenly, one of my senior came and opened the door! he got the key! hahahahaha! i immediately went to search for the first guy and told him that the door had been opened. but when i got to the place, the other guy (who was with me when my senior opened the door) yelled and said, "AH! you'd better not let him know first!". actually he was planning on some prank to that guy. and i ruined his scheme. hahahaha!! bakayarou XD

haaa, i think i gotta go back to study~~ lalalalala.

we were strangers, starting out on a journey
never dreaming, what we'd have to go through
now here we are, and i'm suddenly standing
at the beginning with you...

ah, and one last thing, two days ago i watched dragon zakura so now i'm in a very burning mood of studying~! hahahaha XD

and life is a road and i wanna keep going
love is a river i want it keep flowing
life is a road, now and forever
woderful journey

ganbarimasu yooo~ wish me luck minna~!
(sorry those songs are just random songs i was listening to, i couldn't bear but to wrote the lyrics down, hahaha)

bye bye~ ^^

and it was a "bye bye" from DBZ's family~ hahahaha.


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