Randomness on October 3rd

hey hey hey there blog! hahahaha :)
it has been quite a long time, right? whaaa yeah i'm now a college student, hehe. majoring in management, and next year, i wish i will be concentrating on human resource management. faculty of economics, university of indonesia. hehe :)

anyway, i've been quite busy with things these days. you know what? college life is so full of events, tasks, classes, friends, and all. i really do have to manage my time well in order to maximize all my strength in all elements i face in college. anyway i'm very optimistic in joining lots of activities in campus, such as seminars, organizations, and other events. :D i think it's so important for our future, hahaha. and the great thing is, my faculty gives me lots of choices to fulfill my needs and that's just extremely cool. i wish i can get more experience by doing all these stuffs. hahaha. i've fired up! :P

change of topic, i'm also soing lots of organizational thingy outside campus. you know, i somehow get bounded with my extra course because of several things, so now i gotta keep in touch with the people i meet there (it's mabit Nf hehe). i'm gonna teach economics, fyi, hahaha. besides, we are going to hold one big try out event too. it's titled Fusion 3. i'm in charge of managing sponsorship and i'm so excited in doing it! haha. i wish i can get links to big corporations :P

hmmm okay it's time for fangirling, hahaha. NEWS has released their newest album titled LIVE. it has a bonus dvd of unplugged songs too. whaa the dvd is great, really cool! but for the entire album, i think it's quite standard since there aren't lot of songs i found great hehe. and you know what? yamapi's hairdo is just extremely awesome! hahaha. i love all members' hairdo actually, except shige's! hahaha. 

uhm, what else eh? hahaha. the weather is quite unfriendly these days. it's always been raining all afternoon long, and been so hot during noon! man, the earth is getting more and more unstable. haha.

okay then i gotta dash, bye :D


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