BATAS - Movie Trailer

"Suatu saat kamu akan mengerti, kalau kamu adalah penjaga masa depan tanah Borneo ini"

Recently, I've seen the making of this movie being aired on television. Similar with other Indonesian movies which lift up the issue about nationality, this one also caught my attention. By seeing the trailer, I become even more interested to watch this movie. I think I should go watch it this weekend. Anyone coming? :P


  1. FYI, Tar, paman gue main di film ini sebagai pemeran pendukung hahaha :D

  2. wowowow selamat yaa denisa sebagai keponakan dari paman yang bermain sebagai pemeran pendukung!

    eh ayoo yok nonton. it's been a while since i went to a cinema (the last time is when we all went to see Merah Putih, hahaha).

  3. hah? kok selamatnya ke gue dis haha =.=


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