Perfume : Best Girl Band Ever

Well, actually I'm sick of all those Korean and Japanese girl bands which usually show their members' sensual side covered in their fake cuteness and all. Well, no offense actually. I only kind of hate their super sexy clothes and their sensual dancing moves, haha. And here I come with a Japanese Girl Band named Perfume which has a distinctly different style with those characters I've said before.

Perfume doesn't consist of many girls in considerably young age, it only consists of three girls who have already been in their mid twenties. Their faces are quite standard with no cues of plastic surgeries, their music is not the so-called kpop or jpop musics other girl bands usually prefer, and most importantly: they don't dress like others (You guys exactly know what I mean, don't you? Haha).

Not only are they wonderful because of their dissimilarity with other girl bands, but they also are very awesome because of their brilliant music performance. I love their music videos, the producer had made them perfect with nice combination between story line, dancing moves, clothings, and technology. Yes, technology.

Here are two music videos of theirs that I consider the best of all :

What do you think? Brilliant, aren't they? :D


  1. looks are okay, I guess (can't really see their faces in such a small screen). Dancing moves are cute, story line I don't understand (it's just me being stupid, probably :P). emmm but in terms of voice, I'd prefer 2NE1 better, haha. I think they sound just like any other japanese girls (or don't they? IDK). Overall, an 8 is probably most suitable hahaha.

    I think the main problem with Kpop or Jpop girlband is they're made overly cute. You know, like SNSD. you can tell by their facial expression and body gesture that the cuteness is kinda... fake? They were told to be that way, anyway. But too much cuteness can make you throw up haha.

  2. oh, yes they are different :D
    i like the concept of music video >.<
    but that's all since I'm not a fan of girlbands hahaha

    "Their faces are quite standard with no cues of plastic surgeries.." ---> this is why I love Japanese artist. They are natural :D


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