Ramadhan Is About To Over

Assalamualaikum! :)

Hi guys, Ramadhan is about to over!
Which means, Lebaran is getting closer, 
THR is getting closer too, 
and my birthday is getting closer, indeed, haha. 
But despite all those freakin-happy moments, it also means all these blessings will end pretty soon :(

My dear Allah, please let me be a better person after this Ramadhan.
This month, even though I know my iman has its ups-and-downs, always make me feel blessed and peaceful inside. I might not be Your best fighter around, but please do continue leading me toward Your light. Amin.
I love You, I love Ramadhan.

Bismillah, we still have a few days to go though :D


  1. argh, kangen gw ama lu! kemarin sakit sih pas bubrebes :(

    pokoknya harus ketemuaaan sekali sebelum kuliah mulai!! wakakakak ><

  2. uuuh :3 boleh boleeh, ayoo (tapi abis lebaran aja ya, ini udah mepet bgt soalnya, haha). lo masuk tanggal 12 september bukan? kalo iya, ketemunya pas sebelum itu aja, semacam tanggal 6-7 nya gmn? hoho


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