Aww Man!

This holiday, as many other holiday I had, could not be fully considered as a holiday after all. I have four weeks of holiday, in the first two weeks I was very busy with the Try Out Organized by FEUI (TROFI) things because I was the head of ticketing division and it was a very crucial time since I had to forecast the usage of chairs, air conditioners, questions sheets, etc based on the number of participants. Now and next week (which is the third and fourth week of my holiday) I am pretty busy collecting letters and certificates necessary for my application in an exchange program (wish me luck folks, haha >.<). Therefore, I am abandoning one important thing I have to fulfill in this holiday : I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A CAR! Man, hopefully I can do it next week. Four-days full of practices, please!


  1. Goodluck with the Exchange Student thingys! :D


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