Wednesday Night

Hello folks!

Here's the thing. This Sunday will be the D day of FEUI's Try Out, TROFI (Try Out Organized By FEUI). It is actually my first time serving in this kind of event in FEUI. Well not actually my first time, though, but this is the first time I am getting more involved in this kind of committee. You know, I have always been this kind of social-guy in my campus. I usually work with so-called social events, in wide range of variations. But this one is a profit-oriented one, and I am the head of ticketing division (usually, I only work as staff when I am joining this kind of committees). What has been going on in my mind for this past two weeks of holiday is only ticket sales, ticket sales, and on. Only for your information, last year's TROFI was not going on pretty well because the participants were only hundreds (as far as I knew). But alhamdulillah, my last calculation for the tickets sold today has reached the number of 1000 participants, plus about 400 participants registered via text messages. I am relieved. Still have a long way to go, though, I hope there will be about 500 people buy the tickets on the spot :) Anyway, I got a good lesson from this committe. I like how FEUI students are so aware of their customers. My friend, who is a finance head, is actually really care about the vendors' satisfaction levels. She worked so hard and persuade everyone in the team to be aware of this issue. And I think I should also take this kind of thing more into consideration in handling participants who buy the tickets, gotta work hard and be patient, I suppose :)

Change of topic, my blackberry trackball had been broke down until I had it repaired this noon. It was not so long, so I think my laziness has actually killing myself slowly, silently. Because you know what? I think my thumb nail was getting wider and shorter (not the type of nails women would like to have, haha), and I assume that this happens because I have to scroll hard in order to make my trackball made its moves. Pretty weird, yes. But thank God now it's as smooth as a new one :) (It is a new one because I have to replace it, haha).

Okay then, I can't believe it's already a quarter past 11 in the evening. Gotta jump to bed real soon because tomorrow I'll be teaching at 7 o'clock. Don't wanna make my student think that I am such a lazy teacher coming late to school, haha. (Well, I have been quite good dealing with this problem recently, though :P -- by leaving home earlier than I usually was, of course). Bye and have a nice, relaxing sleep!


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