Careful, Folks

Let me tell you that today had been a harsh day for almost all FEUI's students because we are all waiting for the online registration system to open. To make it short, an unexpected error incurred so that today's registration has to be cancelled and postponed. That news really pissed off lots of my friends. After they knew about it, they started complaining, cursing, making fun of, and saying bad things to the operator of FEUI's online registration system on twitter.

Pathetic. Is it true that many people only remember bad things done by others instead of remembering the good ones? I hope not. I, as one of the student, think that we should be thankful for the information. At least, they gave us certainty of when the registration will be opened. Moreover, this is not the only information given by the operator, right? Back in the days when we are still in our study term, this operator tweeted about class cancellation and many other useful information. Now, when the news pissed them off instead of giving merits to them, they started talk about craps that might (high possibility though) hurt the operator. It's shameful. I'm not even sure that they thanked the operator when they received 'good news'.

I believe that hurting other people does not necessarily involve physical contacts. Sometimes, the pain caused by non-physical scars are harder to heal, especially those that comes from offensive words or sayings; that is why a wise man said "your tongue might be sharper than swords". Nowadays, when most people are saying things through social media or other internet application, I think we should revise the proverb to, "your tweets/stats/posts might be sharper than swords." It can hurt people, so be careful.


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