Random Thought

Actually this one is utterly random. I suddenly thought that from now on, I have to bring my camera everyday, wherever I go. Why? Simply put, to be able to capture (almost) all important events happen in my life. Well, I can not deny that I am slightly a cam-whore, haha, but in spite of that fact, I think bringing my camera will give me lots of benefits :)

Let me tell you that actually when I was in the first year of High School, I did do this routine. I brought my camera almost everyday with me. The result is numerous digital images of Sains and Perpustakaan members in my computer. But well, those photos remind me of so many things. It is nice to see those photos later when you have already grown old (haha). It works almost the same with songs, like, a particular song can always brings you back memories from the past, right?

Goodnight, thanks for sparing your time reading this :D
May God always bless us ;)


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