Do Not Read This

Basically these are just several unimportant sentences that came up on my mind since I came to Japan.
However, I don't feel like posting them on Twitter nor Facebook although these might be suitable for those social sites. I'm just not that kind of person.

"That moment when you're so used to drinking tap water that when you're doing wudhu with tap water it feels like you're having wudhu with water for drinking."

"That moment when it's extremely cold that you want to take a shower only because the shower's water temprature could reach up to 40c or more."

"That monent when you slow down your bike even on flat roads not because you're tired but because it's freaking cold that you can not even bear the wind."

"Betapapun sebuah tulisan atau status atau tweet memiliki makna yang sangat baik dan bermanfaat, kalau disertai dengan kata-kata kasar, meski tujuannya for emphasizing things, bagi saya nilainya sangat buruk."

"Meski saya sangat percaya diri bahwa selama di Jepang harus menikmati masakan Jepang, cita rasa makanan Indonesia terlalu kuat untuk tidak dirindukan."

"That moment when bakwan jadi rebutan."

That's all. Thank you for the attention. So informative, eh?
If you feel like you just waste several minutes in your life for reading this, do not blame me, I've warned you before.

Goodnight :)


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