Morning (Self) Walk

Good Morning!

This morning I was planning to go on a jogging with my senior when suddenly she told me that she needed to cancel it. But well, since I had wanted to go on a morning walk since yesterday, I decided to go alone. Let me tell you one thing, it was a great morning walk. I went to places I've never been before and saw many things; since it was still early that the road was sort of empty until it was nearly the working hour that everyone seemed to rush in order to be able to catch the train on the station. Oh, life. Routines.

You know, sometimes you need time to walk around by yourself, to realize things you didn't before. At that kind of time, I usually contemplate, think about things I've done in my life and things I'd like to do in life. Somehow, it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. I really love it.


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