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Hello folks!

Today, I'm gonna be talking about accents. 

Before starting with it, let's talk a bit about the whereabouts I learned accents. To be honest, I guess it's mainly from movies and YouTube. As you might already know, my first YouTube obsession is *drumrolls* Ryan Higa for his account namely nigahiga. Since he's from America (although he's genetically a Japanese), he has an American accent and probably this (and other American things I watched) has had a big influence for my current English accent which, most of my friends say, is american-like. I am not a native so my accent is not that good, but yeah, my friends told me so.

On the other hand, I don't fancy American accent that much with no particular reason. I've been very fond of England or British accent ever since I watched the box office movie called Harry Potter for the first time. How Emma Watson talked in that movie really did inspire me. Even so, I did not get enough access to many British movies nor British YouTube-ers since I found their videos too hard to understand. For me, it was not as easy as American accent to listen to.

Now that I feel like I've had enough of american accents learning, I want to try learning the accent I have been really fond of for couples of years: British Accent. So, starting from the scratch once again, I tried watching YouTube videos of people coming from UK or England, and try my best to understand every little thing they are talking about. This is not easy, haha. I found myself bewildered with many vocabularies which are not commonly used by American people. Also, their accents made it hard for me to catch up with what they're saying. Ah, I feel like a fool, haha.

However, we do need to struggle to learn new things. Now, I still find it hard to understand what Carrie Hope Fletcher is saying when she's speaking in incredibly fast pace. But years ago, I found it really hard too to catch every single word spoken by Ryan Higa on his Off The Pills videos. So, yeah, I hope I can continue learning this and be able to master British accent in a few years.

And for you who also want to know British people on YouTube, you might want to subscribe to them: Charlie McDonnell (My favourite nerd! :D), Carrie Hope Fletcher (Yes, you heard it right. She's the sister of Tom Fletcher, that vocalist of McFly), or Zoella (She's cute but I'm not really into make-ups or fashion thingy so for you who like those kind of stuffs she would be just right for you :D), and many more. If you watched their videos on YouTube you might be suggested to watch other vloggers too and you can always find a perfect match for yourself :)

Yep. That is all for my post today, haha. Thanks for reading :)

Have a nice Saturday night! :)


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