Customized T-Shirt Came!

58 days left before leaving Sendai.

Just a few months before people start leaving Sendai, there were some initiatives from fellow exchange students to make some sort of limited souvenirs for us to bring back home. One of a friend from Sweden decided to make a customized Tohoku University t-shirt and one of the IPLA colleagues from Thailand helped a lot on creating our own IPLA pullover.

The pullover is not ready yet as we're still on the process of buying the pullovers from H&M and Uniqlo which will later be sent all the way to Thailand to get them embroidered. After finishing the embroidery process, they will be sent back to Japan and then be brought home by IPLA students to several countries. It was quite a complicated sequence but hey, they're some lucky pullovers right?

As for the t-shirt, it was already done and I have one with me right now. Although it was kind of expensive for a t-shirt --especially if you convert the price to Indonesian rupiahs--, the design pretty much suits my taste and I really like how the printing was nicely done. Thank God (and the Swedish friend) it was not some sort of badly-printed t-shirt that you know you will never use because they ain't no good at all.

So, yeah. Here's some pictures just in case you want to know how it looks like :)

The t-shirt unfortunately doesn't suit my Danbo.

New t-shirt! Yay! And of course, with the typical Japanese peace-sign pose :)


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