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Kaiten Sushi

53 days left before leaving Sendai.

I'm stuffed. I had eleven plates of sushi, a pudding, and a cake for lunch. It happened in a place called Kappa Sushi. It's one of the Indonesian people's favorite eating places since it's cheap, hahaha. Kappa Sushi is one brand of kaiten sushi, which is basically a place to eat sushi where they use the conveyor belt to distribute the sushi. The kaiten sushi is also well-known for being a place to eat cheap sushi. It's apparently very common to find this kind of sushi place in Japan. 

One thing that distinguishes kaiten sushi with sushi restaurant is, as I already mentioned, that it has this conveyor belt which literally conveys the sushi from the kitchen to the customers. As you might expect from the Japanese people, all of the things in this kind of dining place is automated. We can order sushi by using the touch pad available at each table and after your order is processed, they will send the orders to you by using a mini bullet-train-like conveyor which would stop directly at your table. A kind of chime will then be played to give you a notice that your order had already arrived. You will then need to push a button after taking all your orders, then the bullet-train-like conveyor will go back to the kitchen and wait for the next order. It's pretty cool to know how the Japanese actually apply these technologies on daily basis.

Anyway, regarding the sushi itself; although kaiten sushi is considered cheap, I still find the sushi here is much more tasty than those I find in Indonesia. Well, we're not talking about fusion sushi (of course not, I don't even get why those type of "sushi" is considered sushi at the first place). But anyway, the fish here is much more fresh and I somehow really like the taste of the raw fishes here. It's much more delicious and I almost can't smell any stench out of them.

So yeah, even though I only usually eat the kaiten ones, I definitely will miss the sushi here :) Considering I only have about 60 days before leaving Japan (and 54 days before leaving Sendai), I hereby assume that my decision to eat 11 plates of sushi was not wrong at all.

Yeay, The Danbo on his first experience at kaiten sushi place!

There goes the conveyor belt :) just above the first conveyor belt which serves sushi for customers, there's another  "rail" for table's order conveyor which will come with the train-like shape directly to your tables.

An extra picture for today :) we had fun. YEEESS! And ah, could you see the touch pad? It's the rectangular-shaped black-edged item placed just above the conveyor belts with the pictures of their menus :)


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