Sporty Me!

No more saying "(Number of days) before leaving Sendai", hahaha. It feels kind of sad to remember that, so let me just start each post without those.

Well, today was indeed happy although it was tiresome. Having had some five hours of sleep after-trekking to revive my legs muscles, I went to Amamiya campus' gym and played badminton. I felt so athletic, really, haha. Although my legs are totally fine now, I feel so much strain on my right hand. Yep, I had enough warming-up for my legs because of the trekking yet my right hand's muscles are still in shock since it's usually only used for typing, writing, and other sorts of light activities.

After the body-wrecking activities, I treated myself with an all-you-can eat course in an Indian halal restaurant in Sendai called Zamzam with some of my friends. We had a great feast. I ate quite a lot but not too much, I remember the times back then when I was in Kobe and had an all-you-can-eat lunch which made my tummy really full that I couldn't even move for almost quarter an hour. It was a bad experience. Even our prophet said that it's bad to have too much of everything, right? Indeed. I should control myself more often, haha.

To sum up, today's fun, sporty, and satisfying!

Dnabo's gym time!

Style over ability.

With Sendai athletes :D


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