The Dining Hall -- Aobayama's Favorite Spot

Hi and again, sorry for posting this late. This post is supposed to be posted yesterday but I unintentionally fell asleep pretty fast last night. It was out of control, folks. I'm terribly sorry for that.

Yesterday was a fine day spent almost entirely at the university. From the morning up until around 4 pm I spent the day at university's Kawauchi campus. I had classes, had a nice lunch with my fellow IPLA friends, and the had quite a long-and-deep talk with a senior of mine. I had so much fun exchanging ideas as well as talking to a senior with some significant age gap, since I got to know their way of thinking.

After spending quite a long day in Kawauchi, I took the campus bus all the way up to the Aobayama campus --yes, that forest-like campus in which you can see bears and animals of other sorts-- to meet the group of people from my country. We had some serious talk on our religion as well as some light jokes and normal conversations.

Before leaving for home, I prayed at my favorite spot at the Aobayama campus, which is the fourth floor of the dining hall. The fourth floor was quite spacious featured with a large-and-sophisticated conference hall as well as two really nice toilets, really recommended :P

Ah, the best thing of this floor is that it has floor-to-ceiling windows which allow me to see the beautiful view of Aobayama campus. It's not too high though, compared to other buildings which can have up to 10 or even 15 levels, but still it's pretty nice with of the existence of the windows :)

Stunned by the amazing view (probably).

Only several minutes before the sky turned completely dark.


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