Fireflies, Cherry, Pottery, Yamadera, and Baseball

On Saturday,
I went to see the "dancing fireflies".
On Sunday,
I went for cherry-picking as well as pottery-making.
Also went up to a temple on a mountain called Yamadera.
On Monday,
I went to the university. Boring. Boo.
On Tuesday,
I went to a baseball game, supporting Rakuten Eagles (Sendai's baseball team).
...and I missed the homerun.

Well, sayonara.

Can you see the very small spot in the middle? Yes, it was a firefly.

My first pottery! Pretty good for a first-timer right? But let me tell you a secret, the sensei (teacher) gave me a hand on making the mug taller, or else it would've been a bowl instead :P

A beautiful cherry picked directly from its tree inside Yamagata's green house :)

Self-picture :P inside the cherry green house with Kotomi.

Yamadera, the temple on the mountain. It was incredibly stunning. Loves.

Vast number of enormous trees on the way up to the temple.

Watching baseball for the first time. I could have seen a homerun but I missed it. Better luck next time.


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