I'm Home :)

I'm home, finally, in another home in a different country. A place that I used to call home before I left for my second home out there in Sendai. I'm back, here, in my lovely country, with tons of memories and experiences from having a wild, adventurous, or should I say a lot more stable, safe, and meticulously structured life in Japan. I'm back here, finally, after ten months of wonderful journey in a country of a dream. Back in the world full of harsh reality; a city with heaps of problems, including extremely polluted air as well as piles of criminals, haha.

But home is always home. Since it's the place where you feel like you belong, to be coming home never feels wrong. Although there are millions of problems yet to be faced and solved, running out from reality has never been a choice. Keep struggling, keep moving forward, and embrace reality which might not be as sweet. As life thought me tons of lessons, as long as I keep learning and improving, everything should be just fine :)

Good luck for me, and for us :) and... Happy Monday haha.


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