Bucketlist: Updated

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

I've been thinking about updating my bucketlist since some times ago but I never actually did, probably now is a nice opportunity to do so! I actually wrote this bucketlist on September 2012, it's been a while, more than a year has already passed and I thought it'd be nice to take a little walk to the past and see what I've accomplished this year. It'd also be nice to see "what's next"s and pump my spirit up once again :)

Well, here it goes then :)
  1. Go to Makkah and Madinah to do "Ibadah Haji"
  2. Go to Japan
  3. Visit Disneyland Tokyo (It was funny how I forced my sister to accompany me to go there on one of my last days in Japan, only to be able to remove this from my bucketlist!)
  4. Travelling to Europe
  5. Have A Master Degree in European University with scholarship
  6. Get Married!
  7. Have at least two children
  8. Have my own house and car
  9. Get a job that suits my passion
  10. Have an Indonesian Restaurant
  11. Become an entrepreneur
  12. Graduate from University of Indonesia with cum laude status
  13. Make my parents happy
  14. Buy my parents a house, a car, and hire them a private driver
  15. Visit World's Seven Wonders
  16. Eat caviar
  17. Write a published book
  18. Taste world's finest ice green tea blend
  19. Snorkeling at Raja Ampat
  20. Go to Venice, Italy
  21. Walking alone around the block while staying in other country(ies)
  22. Stay at a seven-starred hotel somewhere in Europe 
  23. Visit musee du Louvre and Eiffel Tower
  24. Honeymoon in Italy and Spain
  25. Taste everything green-tea flavored! (Almost, I guess?)
  26. Make sushi
  27. Able to wear shar'i hijab style but still fashionable, like Hana Tajima :P (Not sure about this one but I've tried many different styles yet the usual one suits me best, I think!)
  28. Purchase an SLR Camera
There are still so many things to accomplish, may all of them come true with God's blessings :) aamiin.
And of course, more things to accomplish means more work to do. It would be impossible to just sit around and wait for miracles to happen, right?

Goodnight :)

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


  1. tariii.... gotcha! i found u're blog (kenapa excited banget yak) tiba-tiba pengen gue komenin karena ada wish list makan caviar. gatau yaa kenapa menurut gue itu lucu meskipun gue ngga ada niatan buat makan caviar hehe :p

  2. Hahaha thanks Mel :) loh gue gatau juga kenapa tapi penasaran banget sama rasa caviar, haha. Waktu itu ernah nemu sih restoran yang jual caviar tapi mahal banget jadi mikir2 buat beli hahaha :p anyway thanks for visiting! ;)

  3. hey bro!

    we should definitely meet up some time near the future. i think we can do a little catch up!

    and, congratulations for accomplishing a quarter of your bucket list before your age reach a quarter of century :)

  4. tarii...
    Why don't you try snorkeling at Bali before Raja Ampat? I've tried it and that's was very very very beautiful under sea. i'm looking forward for number 1 and 6.. hhe.. Fighting!!

    1. Waah asiknyaa, seru yah, tapi gue kayaknya mending nabung terus sekalian ke Raja Ampat hehe :)


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