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Assalamualaikum wr wb.

Aloha! Been a while, eh? Tomorrow is the last day of the official holiday from the uni. Quite uncommonly, I feel kind of excited! Probably because I need regular activities to prevent myself from waking up late and getting dizzy for half a day because of too much sleep or too much reality/variety shows. Anyway, this holiday I did some interesting activities mainly related to work, which were pretty much unexpected. Signing up for an internship was the last thing I had on mind a few weeks before the holiday, yet I ended up doing my first internship this holiday, which is the topic I am bringing up in this post.

SCG International Intenship 2014

The SCG Bangsue Office's Signage!
Being an intern is probably the last thing I wanted to do before the holiday, as I said before. It's pretty much because I don't want to waste my holiday time and I thought that I would have around half of my life to build my career, so why start now? Hahaha. However, this particular internship program caught my attention. Not only did it offer a precious working experience (that you might need for your CV, lol), it also gave a chance to stay in Bangkok for a month, and most importantly, for free! That's why I ended up applying for it, and got accepted.

The program itself was very enthralling since it was my first exposure to work. SCG itself is (shockingly) a very big company in Thailand. It was the second-biggest company in the whole Thailand if I'm not mistaken, and they are one of the oldest companies in the country. We -- the interns -- didn't know it before since SCG hasn't gained much popularity in Indonesia although they are currently owning major shares of quite many companies in this country's cement and chemical industries.

To be precise, I worked as an intern under the supervision of a marketing analyst called P Fon, in the Sales and Marketing Department of Thai Container's Group of SCG Paper. My department is pretty fun. I worked with awesome graduates from prestigious universities in Thailand. They are people with creative mind, people who know what they're doing. They are very capable as marketers and it's shown in their creative works and amazing personalities. I really like to work there as the atmosphere was pretty relaxed and laid-back while the jobs were done very well.

TCG's Sales and Marketing Department!
We as interns are also having many trips to several places in Bangkok and all of those agendas were prepared by the Overseas HR Department of SCG. These people were the ones that arranged almost everything from our room's WiFi to the room for our Farewell Party. We were lost without them, and I am so thankful to have them in the program. We also have the Vietnamese interns during this program who works and have trips with us! We are basically attending so many things together and they basically just doubled the fun!

Indonesian Interns with P Fon, Kaow, Kakda, and Champie from the HR Department at SCG Experience!
Indonesian and Vietnamese interns at the Grand Palace :D
The international interns got interviewed by SCG's reporter at the SCG Stadium after watching Thai's MU (Muangtong United)'s match. Yes, we were on TV (at least office's TV lol).
Aside of office works, I really enjoyed my time in Bangkok because of these high achievers: the Indonesian Interns. These people are the people that I spent most of my time with, since we used to have endless gossip nights and entertaining trips to many places in Bangkok. Anyway, I learned a lot from them, they're such an inspirational bunch of people, and they are very fun to be with, even with all their blatant verbal expressions. They joke around all the time that sometimes I kind of feel bad with other people (re: Vietnamese Interns and SCG's HR people) that we might be overly noisy hahaha. But yeah, a month with them was one unforgettable experience that I would love do all over again.

At some random park with fountain and birds, after our visit to Grand Palace.
At HIP Hotel Bangkok, our home. It was Dianty and Anbar's room!
Done with the official internship-related things! The next thing would be about my Thai friends. So, I got a chance to meet my friends from Tohoku University while I was in Bangkok. I met Kia (yes, my bestie!) and went out with her two times. I went with her to Huahin (a beach in the southern part of Bangkok) and Chocolate Ville (a fancy restaurant at Bangkok's outskirt). I went with her, her mom, her sister, and her boyfriend (Gus), and with Gus' mother as well. They are very generous and I couldn't thank them enough for their kindness. I also had a chance to meet the international-relationship-master Clear who spared her time to see me before taking off for her Euro-trip (and of course, that includes visiting her boyfriend --my homie-- Joe in Sweden). I wanted to have a FaceTime call with Joakim when I saw her but turned out that he was still at work.

At a restaurant with amazingly beautiful view in Huahin. Very recommended (don't know the name though lol).
From left to right: Pink (Kia's sister), Kia's mom, me, Kia, Gus
I and Clear at a Japanese restaurant somewhere in Siam Center.
Last but not least, I finally had a chance to meet Cartoon! She was my online-friend that I knew when I was still fangirling over Japanese idols in the Let's Jump Together online forum (around 2008/2009). Oh my, it was so nostalgic. I knew her when I was in the second grade of high school and we have been Facebook friends ever since. Last year, Riedha went to Bangkok and saw her in person and this year it was my turn haha. She was amazingly beautiful, elegant, and kind-hearted. So lady-like! And I love how she has a very brilliant mind and unique way-of-thinking. We had so much fun together!

6 years of knowing each other! Can't believe I finally met this long-lost sister.
That was about the internship! My first time ever in a real office, haha. Very fun, a great way to spend a holiday. For those who are interested, you can probably apply next year and I believe you won't be disappointed. Anyway, I hope I can visit Thailand again sometimes in the future and meet my acquaintances again :)

Just want to add this picture as it's nice hahaha. It was somewhere in Asiatique.
Okay then, good night and see you! I guess I'd be writing one or two more post(s) about Thailand sometimes soon :)

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.


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