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Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Intern Life
So, I'm currently working at a local consulting firm as an intern. I started around three weeks ago and I will have my internship finished in the beginning of March. Having the the "normal weeks" for working people: working in weekdays; taking the train and buses during rush hours; relaxing and taking countless hours of sleep during the weekend; etc, is now my new routine. Ah, except for the fact that I am working overtime almost every working-day.

Anyway, lessons learned from the internship:
  1. Looking at those tired faces of people who board the train/bus at night, I can somehow understand that almost every one of them strive for a living. Despite the problems they face at work, they can't just run away since there's this huge responsibility placed upon their shoulders. 
  2. There might as well be time for me to be one of those people (in point 1), and for the sake of my sanity I will have to be able to find sources of happiness over all those seemingly boring world of adults. I guess, I need to try enjoying every tiny bits of enjoyable things I find. That's why I lip-sync and make faces when I'm in the bus, do some small dancing moves in the hallway when no one's watching, and leave my desk to get fresh air every now and then. It's so fun, btw, haha.
  3. In work, you might meet people whose personality you might super-loathe yet you can not opt to get away from. You might as well unable to ignore them since it'd be extremely uncomfortable. Haha. But that's when I personally learn how to "handle" different types of people and how I should never be like them.
University Life
I still have my thesis proposal in the process of being reviewed by the lecturer, in case you are wondering. And that particular thing is constantly increasing my insecurity and nervousness as the number of my friends whose proposals have already been reviewed (thus, enable them to know whether they can continue on with the topic and get their own adviser) seems to increase exponentially (lol). Maybe it's delayed because God reminds me not to be haughty over anything, since I remember how I told my friends who were doing their thesis something like how they could be so stressed over a matter that seems to be doable in a few months. But then, again, I believe that God has the best timing for everything and all I need to do is trying my best and see how God wants it to work. Maybe I need to pray more and get myself closer to Him so that I can get over this anxiety. 

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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