Of Many Things To Be Grateful For

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.


Been forever since the last time this blog is updated! (That has been pretty much my "favorite" opening sentence in the last several posts). It really just made it even more clear that I haven't allotted that much time to write on the blog. Sigh.

Anyway, there have been many 'first-time's I had done in the past few months and more or less because of that, life has been very exciting!  But anyway, I won't be having that much time to write this post so please bear with me if I don't have a well-written structure in this post (saying this as if the other posts are good lol). So, let's start :)

First Time Working!
I have started working, yay! I'm working in this financial e-commerce startup company called CekAja.com, a company under a group called Compare88 based in Singapore. What I do is helping my Group CEO lives his life easier by providing him with analysis and assistance. I have been working for almost three months (I'm still in probation period, btw lol) and hopefully I can learn a lot and stay for some time in the company. 

To be honest, working in a startup company has its own ups and downs. I really love how I can be exposed to so many interesting things (and of course, people!), how I build this enormous vision on how digital technology company can achieve so much in the future, and how I can learn tons of things from the ever-changing environment and leading people in the industry. However, it's pretty tough as well. I think some of the challenges are that I have to be able to work independently as well as in group, the need to be flexible in working with several projects at a time, and how to always take the initiatives. I still have so many things to improve, and I really hope that I can have an exponential learning curve for that. Wish me luck :)

First Time Solo-Travelling!
So, during my interview with my boss in the current place I'm working at, I told him that I had bought tickets for holidays in Australia. He didn't mind; so my post-graduating vacation plan came to reality. I flew to Australia when I had worked for the company for around a month and it was my very first solo-trip. 

I went to Canberra all by myself, flying with AirAsia (of course, the cheapest!) to Kuala Lumpur and then to Sydney. From Sydney, I took a coach and went to Canberra to meet with my auntie, uncle, and cousins to stay with them for around two weeks. We went to explore Sydney during one of the weekends, and I went alone to Melbourne only for a short 3-days trip. I'll do a separate post for this as there are so many things I would like to write about! :)

First Time on A Business Trip!
So, I just got back yesterday from Manila, The Philippines, to do a business trip! It was an amazing experience since I had never expected to have an overseas business trip this early. I'm super grateful and told my mom that this might be because she prayed for me to be able to travel around the world when she and my dad was in Mecca doing the Islamic pilgrimage :)

But anyway, the experience was pretty amazing since I learned a lot from the office in Manila, and although we had to work when it was actually public holiday in Indonesia, I had quite a lot of fun since I went there with colleagues who actually are also my peer group during college! Haha. Also, we managed to experience flying with Singapore Airlines! :P

So, yeah, as I thought you before in a post probably more than a year ago, the first-times are always exciting and I look forward to new things in the future!

See you and have a wonderful day :)

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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